Wonderful Spots in SF, CA

Wonderful Spots in SF, CA

Just like other places, there are also amazing places in San Francisco, CA. Visiting this place is just perfect for summer vacation or even in any season!

Upon arriving in San Francisco, the city is already a wonderful place. Within the city is the Washington Park where many people gather for good company. However, it is not  a culture of people to be playing around always. So the park is not always filled with many people.

Among the Parks in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Park is the most famous and visited. This is where you can see various class of flowers. This is regarded as the most beautiful places in San Francisco.

What is added in the Golden Gate park is that it has an amazing landscape plus sunset. What an amazing view!

What adds to the good vacation moment is the weather that is mostly sunny with a 14ºC temperature.

The Yosemite National Park in San Francisco attracts people’s attention for its beautiful and stunning view from a distance with a green environment. This is one of the most amazing landscapes in California.

Many beach parks are in San Francisco like Rodeo Beach that is part of the Golden Gate Area. The most amazing place is the city itself because it is filled with many beautiful place infrastructure. The architecture of their houses are very beautiful and also the tall buildings have beautiful designs. How can we deny the beautiful scenic of the city itself. You can spend time capturing beautiful areas around you. It is even more wonderful if you bring a companion with you for the sake of good entertainment.