Accommodations in San Francisco

Accommodations in San Francisco

When staying in San Francisco, where do you usually stay? Since the city is also a tourist destination, you can find anywhere Hotels where you could stay? Find a cheaper price first along the area you want to visit.

Westin Hotel

Among them you can find one of the most elegant Hotel in San Francisco, ‘Westin St. Francis Hotel’, ¬†located at the Union Square, Downtown.

Stanyan Hotel

The Stanyan Park Hotel is another elegant hotel that is easily discovered by seeing its beautiful exterior. Its located in Stanyan, St. They have good accommodating manners and they care of their guests very well. It is not enough that you will find a place to stay in. You should seek caring staffs.

Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont Hotel is large Hotel located in Mason St. What is in the hotel is amazingly exclusive. They have more expensive price but you can enjoy your stay there. What is more valuable is the amazing experience in the hotel itself.

There are Home-stay where you can go in. In fact, home-stays are cheaper. If you want to spare money, you can just rent an Apartelle in the city and in the vicinity of the place. However, If you are staying in a hotel, you are still going to spend money for buying your own food, this is why hotel can cost a lot of money. There are more things you can do if you are staying in an apartment than in  a hotel. Apartelle too are elegant and you are a little bit free than staying in a hotel.